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The Holy Spirit and You (Acts 9:19b-43)

1. Our spiritual conversion should always lead us to tell people about Jesus.

2. The church should go to where people are gathered

3. A dynamic spiritual conversion will lead to persecution from inside and outside the church

4. A believer’s testimony should include the message that Jesus is the Son of God

5. The “family of faith” in Damascus accepted Saul (Paul)

6. The preaching of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is essential to the advancement of the Gospel

7. A Spirit-led sermon will always tell people about the wonderful message of Jesus

8. Dr. Nock says, “By conversion we mean the reorientation of the soul of an individual, his deliberate turning from indifference or from an earlier form of piety to another, a turning, which implies a consciousness that a great change is involved, that the old way was wrong and the new is right.”

9. The exasperated Jews were unable to refute Paul and conspired to kill him

10. The Holy Spirit can “convert” any persecutor or agnostic

11. Fear will lead us to be spiritually immobilized.

12. It is our privilege to be involved with God’s plans and movements

13. Barnabas secured Paul’s acceptance in the Apostolic circle.

14. God could really use a few more “Barnabas’” in the church

15. A Spirit-filled person will speak boldly about his/her relationship with Jesus

16. Saul’s loyalty to the Gospel lead the disciples to accept him, but the non-believing Jews attempted to kill him.

17. “Hellenists” are Greek speaking Jews of the Diaspora who settled Palestine.

18. God’s Holy Spirit built up the church in all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria.

19. The “Peace of Christ” is described in the following ways:

a. Encouragement of the Holy Spirit

b. Growth of the Church

c. Church reverence and worship

20. The “Early Church” experienced peace for a brief time

21. God takes Saul from the “stage” for a brief time

22. The Holy Spirit and others discipled Saul

23. We are to pray that God’s Holy Spirit would convert the “Sauls of the 21st Century”.

24. Acts 9 reminds us that God is always concerned that the Gospel message go “to the ends of the earth.”

25. God wants to use us to take the Gospel message to every man, woman, and child.

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