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JOHN 13: 36-14:6

1. Every time Jesus begins teaching new information/theology to the disciples, they begin to have a series of questions.

2. Jesus is the Master teacher, therefore, He will always challenge us and seek to change our worldview and behavior.

3. The lessons Peter learned in this encounter with Christ will impact him for the rest of his life.

4. The lessons in John 13:36-38 was a bitter pill for Peter to swallow.

5. The lessons in John 13:36-38 was humbling and most likely, humiliating.

6. The rooster was most likely a Roman rooster, because Jews did not allow animals in the city due to the fact that it was holy ground.

7. "Jesus used this predictions to encourage belief in Himself." Dr. Utley

8. Scholars say, "There should not be a chapter division from John 13 through John 17 because this is one literary unit."

9. This literary unit is the dialogue of the upper room and the night of the Lord's Supper.

10. The context is built on a series of these questions based on the Apostles' misunderstanding of Jesus' words.

11. The disciples' questions continue to help us to this very day.

12. Even the disciples misunderstood what Jesus said and meant.

13. John 14 begins Jesus' lessons on the "Helper" or Holy Spirit.

14. The Holy Spirit's task is twofold: a. Revealer of the Truth. b. Personal comforter.

15. John 14:1 is actually saying, "Stop letting your heart be troubled."

16. John 14:2 is actually saying, "Permanent dwelling places."

17. "The imagery is that believers shall have their own rooms in the the Father's home."

18. "This is much like a boarding house where all eat together daily." Many Scholars

19. It is liberating and comforting to realize that Jesus goes before us as our guide and forerunner.

20. The phrase in John 14:3 says, "I will come again and receive you to myself." This is referring to the Second Coming.

21. One writer said, "Heaven is really face-to-face fellowship with the Triune God."

22. In John 14:6 Jesus is saying, "I am the only way to God."

23. When Jesus says, "I am the truth", he is speaking in the Old Testament sense of truth which was "faithfulness" or "loyalty".

24. When Jesus said, "I am the Life", he is referring to lifestyle faith."

25. In the Old Testament, a believer's lifestyle faith is spoken of as a path unto the life. (Ps. 16:11)

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