Springhill Baptist Church

Ministry Assistant, Full Time

Drop Off or Send application and resume to: Church Office


Springhill Baptist Church

18210 State Highway 83, Howe, OK 74940

or E-Mail



  • Proficient in typing, knowledgeable with grammar rules. 

  • Assist Youth Pastor with Summer Camp registration, and other youth events

  • Clerk duties

    • Take minutes in meetings​

  • Print articles from email for pastor

  • Messages for staff and others

  • Secretarial work for pastors

  • Phone calls and visitors during week. Pass on messages and info as need by staff

  • Purchase church supplies

    • (classroom material, some kitchen (consult with Pat), communion supplies, record-keeping, office, cleaning supplies)

  • Assist Financial secretary; get checks signed and distributed

  • Update addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

  • Coordinate building maintenance & repairs; alert Property Team chairman as needed

  • Record attendance information weekly. Give copy to pastor monthly. File in Sunday School file.

  • Do background checks on children and youth workers (anyone 18 or over)

  • Alert staff and deacons of prayer requests

  • Make bulletin

  • Check email and facebook – alert staff to any info they need

Print Application

Application deadline: February 1