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JOHN 13:21-27;31-35

1. Judas' betrayal of Jesus burdened our Savior.

2. It is always crucial that we evaluate our relationship with Jesus.

3. In all reality there have been more than one Judas.

4. One scholar said, "Jesus chose Judas because of his spiritual potential, but it never came to fruition."

5. I wonder if You and I have missed the spiritual potential our Savior saw in us and also sees in us?

6. It is extremely important that as we study and apply the text that we make sure we allow the Holy Spirit to change our spirit and motives.

7. Let's remind ourselves that God never goes beyond our free will.

8. One scholar commented on John 13:22 in the following way: "The inner-circle disciples were afraid that a predetermined plan might make them the betrayer. This is the problem with determinism."

9. The "disciple whom Jesus loved" was John the Apostle.

10. The table where Jesus and the disciples ate was a low, horseshoe shaped table. They were leaning on their left elbows with their feet behind them, eating with their right hands. John was on Jesus' right, Judas was on his left.

11. John 13:26 reveals that the person who dipped the morsel and gave it to Jesus was a sign of Honor. Judas was reclining on the left side of Jesus, which reveals a place of honor.

12. Jesus was still trying to reach Judas up till the very end.

13. The name "Satan" was only used once in John's Gospel and that is in John 13:27.

14. Satan means "adversary".

15. It is a tragedy that Judas never trusted Christ as his Lord and Savior.

16. Let's remember that Satan is powerful, but our Great Savior is more powerful.

17. Everyday Satan is seeking to influence us.

18. Everyday we must spend time in prayer, Bible Study, and Mediation.

19. John 13:31-38 form part of a larger context of a series of questions by the disciples.

20. "The Son of Man" was Jesus' chosen self-designation.

21. The word "glorified" refers to the God's plan of redemption through Jesus' death and resurrection. In John 13:31b refers to the upcoming events in Jesus' life.

22. The Rapture will unite His followers with Him!!

23. The new commandment in John 13:34 was that believers were to love each other as Jesus loved them. Wow! What a responsibility and privilege.

24. Dr. Bruce Corley says, "Christ's people are characterized by the ethic of love."

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