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ROMANS 13:1-10

1. The phrase "Every person is to be in subjection" in Romans 13:1, actually means in the original Greek language "to be made submissive". 

2. Romans 13:1a is an imperative. 

3. The word "submit" was a military term used to describe a chain of command. 

4. Paul is addressing all believers in this imperative. 

5. Romans 13:1 is a sobering word from the Holy Spirit.

6. This text is filled with responsibilities and directs our prayer life in a significant way. 

7. Most of us struggle with certain aspects of this directive from the Holy Spirit.

8. You and I have responsibilities to the civic authorities, but they need to understand that they function under God. 

9. I often want to speak more about the dysfunctional nature of government, rather than pray for them. 

10. The current political climate needs to hear what Paul says and repent of their stance toward Police. Agree or disagree?

11. You and I are not "to set our self in opposition" to the established order. 

12. Acts 5:25-32 reveal what happens when authorities overstep their bounds. 

13. Dr. Utley says, "To oppose order is to oppose God, unless the civil authorities step beyond their God given bounds. The real spiritual issue is submission to authority. Fallen humanity wants autonomy."

14. My relationship with God improved dramatically once I started living by the speed limit.   I helped pave several miles of Highway 71 in Missouri by paying speeding tickets. Ha!

15. I love what Martin Luther said about government. He said, "God's way to control bad men is to put bad men in control." Is that not powerful and timely?

16. Acts 25:11 and Romans 13:4b give the New Testament basis for capital punishment. Also read Acts 12:2 and Romans 8:35. 

17. We need to be submissive to God, one another and the government, as long as they do not step beyond their God-given bounds. 

18. As a believer I should stay current with tax payments. 

19. Dr. Utley states the following regarding our conscience. He says, "Conscience is the developing understanding of believer's motives and actions based on the following: a. A biblical worldview. b. The Indwelling Spirit. c. A lifestyle knowledge based on the word of God. 

20. We are to give both taxes and respect to civil authorities because they function as God's ministers. 

21. You and I have an obligation to the state plus to one another. 

22. Romans 13:8-10 admonish us to understand that we have a responsibility to love one another. 

23.  Romans 13:8 definitely rattles our spiritual cages. Financial debt to someone changes how we relate to them. 

24. We are to be extremely cautious of borrowing and loaning money to others. My father told me years ago to never loan money to someone unless I can afford to never have it repaid. 

25. It is paramount that you and I demonstrate love to one another in word and deed. 

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