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ROMANS 12:3-16

1. It is crucial that all of us recognize that true believers in Jesus Christ live a radically different lifestyle from that of the culture. 

2. Romans 12:3 is a warning to live in humility. 

3. The call and warning to live in humility also involves how we use and view our spiritual gifts. 

4. Spiritual maturity should guide the way we use our spiritual gifts. 

5. The Apostle Paul encourages us to  know the truth about ourselves. 

6. We should always see our faith of salvation as a gift from God. 

7. Our infrastructure should never be filled with pride or a sense of superiority. 

8. Romans 12:4-5 is a definite call for unity in the Body of Christ despite the presence of great diversity. 

9. In the Body of Christ there should always be unity, but not uniformity. 

10. Romans 12:6-8 is an exhortation to use the God's gifts to edify the Body of Christ. 

11. One writer said, "Spiritual gifts are not given on merit, but because God chooses to give them. 

12. God always has the right to give any gift to any believer that he so chooses. 

13. The giving of our gifts is an act of grace. 

14. The above truth should leads all of us to greater humility and not pride. 

15. All of God's gifts are given by God to enhance and grow the Kingdom of God. 

16. We should use God's gifts with humility. 

17. We should use God's gifts and not put them in a drawer. 

18. We have the responsibility to use the gifts God for His Glory. 

19. One writer said, "The gift of service has a broader picture in view than simple serving in practical  ways. Paul sees it as an important ministry of the Holy Spirit as well."

20. Romans 12:9-13 reveals how we should treat those in the Christian family. 

21. The love that should be demonstrated in the Family of Faith should be without pretense. 

22. Much of the love demonstrated in the church is laced with pretense and hypocrisy. 

23. Real love should be radically present inside the four walls of the church. 

24. How we treat one another reveals the kind of relationship we have with Jesus. 

25. Romans 12:14 relates how we should treat those outside of the Christian Family. 

26. Truly loving an enemy is a beautiful picture of the presence of Christ in our lives. 

27. Christian faith does not exist in a vacuum. 

28. True Christ faith is to be demonstrated in and outside the Family of Faith. 

29. Even non-believer are looking for that person who is genuine and loving toward every person. 

30. We are to possess the Mind of Christ. 


1. Does God see the humility He requires, in you?

2.Does God see  a haughty spirit in you?

3. How do you treat your enemies? Do you actively love them and pray for them?

4. Is God able to actively use you in His Kingdom?

5. Do you know your Spiritual Gifts?

6. Are you using your God-given gifts for God's Glory?

7. Is God pleased with your lifestyle?

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