• Dr. Don Laughlin

ROMANS 10:9-17

1. The word "if" in Romans 19:9 means "potential future action".

2. Scholars say that Verse 9 is the content of the message of faith.

3. The word "confess" means "to agree with publicly".

4. It is crucial that we remember that a public confession of faith is extremely important.

5. The early church's public profession was baptism.

6. "Jesus as Lord" was the theological content of the early church's profession of faith and baptismal liturgy.

7. The use of "Lord" affirmed Jesus' deity, while the given name "Jesus" affirmed His historical humanity.

8. The affirmation also functioned as a call discipleship/Christlikeness.

9. Scholars inform us that the use of "Lord" related to the the rabbinical substitution of YHWH with Adon when reading Scripture.

10. It is refreshing to remind ourselves that Jesus is given several powerful titles and they are as follows: a. Jesus is Messiah/Christ. b. Jesus is the Son of God. c. Jesus is Lord.

11. The word "believe", according to scholars, means personal trust, intellectual content and an ongoing volitional commitment.

12. May we remind ourselves that Christianity stands or falls on the reality of the empty tomb. Praise the Lord?

13. Dr. Utley says, "The Father raising the Son is proof of His acceptance of Jesus' life, teaching and sacrifice."

14. Romans 10:10 reminds us that the goal of God for every believer is not only heaven someday, but Christlikeness now!

15. Romans 10:11 is a quote from Isaiah 28:16 which Paul has added "whoever".

16. The word "Whoever" is beautiful word and invitation for all of mankind.

17. The phrase "believes in Him" is not only an initial response, but an ongoing requirement for salvation!!!

18. God's greatest desire is that all mankind would be redeemed through His own actions.

19. God's children have a massive responsibilities and privilege to tell the world the Great News of Jesus' life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension. Amen?

20. Dr. Utley says the following of Romans 10:17: "The gospel is first a message. But the message proclaimed becomes a personal word, 'the word of Christ received."

21. May God's people proclaim the mighty message of the Gospel each and every day.

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