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1. Someone has said, "Jesus doesn't ask us to be super-Christians. He only asks that we remain true to His word and continue to stand for His name. If we endure, we are promised reward. The church at Philadelphia is a shining example of how to do it right."

2. "The holy and true One" are titles for YHWH. Please read Isa. 6:2-5. The term for "true" in Greek means "true as over against false."

3. "Who carries the key of David" is an allusion to the royal Messiah of 2 Samuel 7.

4. "Who open and no one will shut" refers to the opportunity to preach the Gospel.

5. In 3:8 the phrase "I have put before you an open door which no one can shut" either refers to: a. mission opportunity; b. Messianic banquet or c. a divine opportunity for service. Dr. Utley

6. Our Great Savior expects decisive acts of obedience.

7. Our Great Savior expects us to stay true to His Name in the midst of persecution. This persecution is caused by Concilia.

8. Rev. 3: 9-"I will make some, who claim to be Jews, although they are not..." most likely is a reference to national Israel who is really not spiritual Israel.

9. Rev. 3:9b- "I will make them come and fall at your feet" is probably a reference to Isaiah 45:14; 49:23; and 60:14 which initially spoke of the Gentiles coming into the Jewish nation. But, in the topsy-turvy rebellion of the Jews over the Messiah, now they will come to the Gentile believers. Dr. Utley

10. Our Great Savior expects us to be found faithful and therefore, He will be found faithful to us.

11. Our Great Savior will keep us in the midst of a plethora of problems.

12. In Rev. 3:10c-"To test the inhabitants of the earth" is used many times throughout the book of the Revelation and it seems to refer to the settled state of unbelievers. Please read Rev. 16:19; 11:10; 12:12; 13:8, 12, 14; 17:8.

13. It is crucial to our mental and spiritual health that we deeply believe that our Great Savior is going to return for us.

14. Someone has said, "We are to hold on to God and He will hold on to us." Rev. 3:11b

15. Rev. 3:11c is another reference to the Stephanos crown which is mentioned in Rev. 2:10.

16. In Rev. 3:12-"and I will make him who conquers a pillar in the temple of my God" is a possible allusion to the "holy of holies" or "inner shrine".

17. This area was an earthquake zone.

18. The word "pillar" is revealing the idea of "stability".

19. The church at Philadelphia is known for the following: a. Enduring with limited strength. b. Keeping Christ's word. c. Remaining faithful to the name of Jesus Christ.

20. May we have the same reputation as the Church at Philadelphia. AMEN!

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