• Dr. Don Laughlin

PSALM 99:1-9

1. Scholars summarize Psalm 99:1-9 in the following way: God's government is especially exercised in and for His Church, which should praise Him for His gracious dealings.

2. Psalm 99 beautifully praises our Great God's reign.

3. This Psalm reviews the following periods in the history of Israel: a. The Wilderness period. b. The early united monarchy. c. The temple in Jerusalem.

4. The phrase "The LORD reigns" speaks of the completed actions of God.

5. True worshippers of God know and deeply appreciate all that their Great God has accomplished throughout time.

6. God's people always have more than enough to praise their Great God for each and ever day.

7. Dr. Utley says, "Both physical creation and human beings are affected by their Creator." Ps. 99:1

8. Psalm 99:1 is a beautiful descriptive Psalm.

9. God's Love Letter describes worship and then invites us to engage in demonstrative worship.

10. Scholars say, "Psalm 99:8 is a key theological verse. It reflects the twin, inseparable truths of a. YHWH's merciful, longsuffering character. b. Human responsibility to hear and obey (Exod. 34:6-7).

11. Anyone who truly wants to worship God must consider the following: a. His person. b. His name. c. His works. d. His glory. e. His mercy. f. His goodness. g. His compassion. h. The fact that He is great than all gods.

12. True Worship of God is always a VERB.

13. True worshippers of God never flippantly enter into the act of worship.

14. True worshippers of God profoundly understand that the act of worship is to be taken seriously, not casually.

15. Psalm 99:5 is an imperative.

16. Anyone who wants to worship God must consider all of the awesome acts and characteristics of their Great God.

17. Our worship of God is a great privilege and a great responsibility.

18. Any who wants to worship God must develop their private and corporate acts of worship.

19. True worship comes from the heart.

20. True worshippers of God resist ritualism.

21. Psalm 99:6 denotes the act of worship.

22. The true act of worship requires loving preparation.

23. Our Great God is constantly revealing Himself to us.

24. With each act of revelation God expects an action on our part.

25. Do you worship God on a daily basis?

26. How many times a year do you miss corporate worship?

27. How do you suppose God reacts to us missing worship each day and each Sunday?

28. Why do we miss daily acts of worship?

29. Why do we miss corporate acts of worship?

30. What message are we sending God?

31. What message are we sending our culture whenever we miss corporate acts of worship?

32. Do you suppose we avoid worship due to the fact that we do not want God to convict us of the way we are treating HIM and others?

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