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1. Hebrews 4:7 attributes Psalm 95 to David the Psalmist.

2. Psalm 95-100 belong to a group that celebrates the Return from Exile.

3. Psalm 95-100 are sometimes categorized as "Enthronement Psalms" because of their focus on God's eternal leadership. (Various Scholars)

4. God yearns to lead every aspect of our lives.

5. Psalm 95 reminds those who doubt God's leadership in their lives that He is still in control.

6. Doubt in God's ability to guide us and protect us will lead to great spiritual conflict.

7. One scholar says, "Book 4 (Psalms 90-106) seems to be organized to deal with the theological crisis of the Babylonian Exile."

8. Psalm 95:1,6 are two calls to praise and worship God that provide structure to the work. (Various scholars)

9. Psalm 95:1,6 invite us to praise God and be involved singing to God.

10. Psalm 95:2 suggest worship is to be offered specifically with thanksgiving and songs of praise.

11. More than ever before, we need to be reminded that "Worship is a Verb" not a merely a noun.

12. Our personal and corporate worship need to involve thanksgiving and songs of tremendous praise.

13. Psalm 95:2 also invites both sacrifice and that our songs be offered to God and God alone.

14. Scholars inform us that Psalm 95:3-5 give reasons for the praise called for in verse 1-2.

15. The most basic reason for praising God is that God is "a great King above all gods." (verse 3)

16. Our God is our creator and the only one that sustains the World and our individual worlds.

17. Let's remind ourselves that our LORD absolutely does not have any rivals.

18. It is crucial to understand that this Psalm has several imperatives.

19. This Psalm invites us to properly and wholeheartedly worship our Great God.

20. Psalm 95:7 wants us to know why we should bow and kneel before our Great God. Reason? Because we are the people of His pasture, and the sheep of His hand" (Verse 7a-b).

21. Psalm 95:8-11 recalls Israel's disobedience during the period of wilderness wandering.

22. Psalm 95:8-11 warns us not to repeat Israel's disobedience.

23. One writer said, "This psalm suggest that our praise is more than words lifted heavenward. It is an expression of faith and it should be lived out in faithfulness and trust."

24. My research of this tremendous passage reveals that the central theological message of Psalm 95 is that "the LORD is a Great King." (Derived from several scholars.

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