• Dr. Don Laughlin

PSALM 131:1-8

1. Many scholars believe that David penned Psalm 31 when he was persecuted by Saul. (1 Samuel 23:13)

2. One writer said that Psalm 31 is a mixture of prayers, and praises, and professions of confidence in God.

3. One scholar said, "Faith and prayer must go together."

4. "Biblical faith is a personal trust in a personal God." Dr. Bob Utley

5. We know more about the world than we do God or Jesus.

6. The "refuge" in Psalm 31:1 means a "strong hiding place of safety and security."

7. The "rock" in verse 2 refer to a place of stability, protection and security.

8. "For Your Name's sake" represents our Great YHWH's character.

9. "Lead, guide, pull out" speak of continuous, ongoing actions.

10. Dynamic believers express their gratitude toward God many times each and every day.

11. The "net" referred to in verse 4 was an instrument of hunting.

12. "Into Your hand I commit my spirit" was quoted by Jesus on the cross just before His death (cf. Luke 23:46).

13. Psalm 31:6-8 is dominated by words that mean "a complete or settled condition."

14. "Unfailing love" (Hesed) denotes YHWH's unbreakable commitment to the covenant.

15. Matthew Henry said, "David professes his cheerful confidence in God, and, in that confidence, prays for deliverance out of his present troubles."

16. We can and should trust God with any and every situation in life.

17. Our Great God has a resume' that reveals His great accomplishments with mankind.

18. Our Great God should be our one refuge.

19. It is our Great Privilege to have our Great God as our Great and Only Refuge.

20. True believers in God make the same Vow David made in Psalm 31:1.

21. Dynamic believers in God reject the false gods of refuge and embrace YHWH!

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