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1. God always rewards faithfulness in some way.

2. God's people recognize the faith in others.

3. It is crucial that we remember one another in prayer.

4. Dr. F.F. Bruce said, "As it is through Christ that God's grace is conveyed to men, so it is through Christ that men's gratitude is conveyed to God."

5. We desperately need more men and women demonstrating their faith to God and mankind.

6. There are many places in America where faith is absent and almost extinct.

7. Gratitude to God should be paramount in our spirit and then on our lips.

8. It is a joy to express our gratitude to a gracious God.

9. Our faith is evidence of God's grace and our first reaction must be thanksgiving.

10. Our relationships should reveal God's grace and gratitude.

11. Is anyone bragging on God due to our faith?

12. Is the world hearing about our church's faith?

13. True faith creates fellowship among the saints.

14. True faith and gratitude leads God's people to be more inclusive.

15. Paul was intensely interested in the Romans and their faith development.

16. True believers are interested in people and their relationship with the LORD.

17. Paul desperately wanted to visit the Romans. He finally visited them 3 years later.

18. Paul desire and visit had a definite purpose. He wanted to impart some Spiritual gift so that they might be established and grow in Christ.

19. Dr. Murray said, "A Spiritual gift is a gift emanating from and bestowed by the Holy Spirit."

20. Paul wanted his visit to be valuable to the Romans.

21. The Apostle Paul was passionate and intentional with his preaching of the gospel.

22. Paul knew he would personally and spiritually benefit from his visit with the Romans.

23. This Apostle would preach to anyone and anywhere.

24. Paul was frustrated that he could not yet visit the Romans and preach God's word to them.

25. Our relationship with Christ and our ministry for Christ should bear fruit.

26. Paul wanted the Gentiles to know about Jesus and then to know Jesus.

27. We should emulate Paul's passion and compassion for people.

28. Paul's relationship with Christ should teach us a great deal.

29. Do we possess Paul's passion for the Gospel?

30. Our church is out of the will of God if we are not going to all the world with the Gospel.

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