• Dr. Don Laughlin


1. To know God is to know Peace.

2. Our culture dismisses God because they want to determine the direction and purpose of their life.

3. We should possess a testimony that reveals our deep awe of God.

4. Our worship of God enhances our relationship with HIM.

5. One writer says, "Psalm 19 speaks of the creation's testimony to the creator."

6. Dynamic believers know the importance of listening, watching, evaluating, submitting, and proclaiming the "Goodness our Great God."

7. True worship of God often leads us to be speechless before HIM.

8. One writer says, "The poet of Psalm 19 begins his hymn with a meditation on the soundless music of the heavens."

9. We will never run out of reasons to worship God and proclaim His greatness to the World.

10. Dr. Utley says, "This Psalm, like Genesis 1, shows YHWH as creator and controller of the the heavenly bodies."

11. God's World needs to constantly hear the Gospel and the Greatness of God.

12. This text and Romans 1:19-20 reveal that everyone can know something about God from the physical creation. (Natural revelation)

13. The heavens God created are constantly revealing who our Great God is and what He is like.

14. True worship of God brings stability to our life and leads us to serve HIM more faithfully.

15. This text admonishes us to spend time admiring God's handiwork.

16. You and I are responsible for our knowledge of God.

17. Does our knowledge of God lead us to worship and serve HIM?

18. Psalm 111 profoundly worships God.

19. Our worship of God is to grow and improve.

20. Psalm 111:7-10 affirms the awesome trustworthiness of God and His revelation.

21. The following words describe God's revelations: a. precepts b. commanded c. fear.

22. One writer said, "This Psalm was composed for use by an individual who desired to give thankful testimony of God to the worshiping congregation."

23. True worship of God enables us to see God more clearly and the realities of life.

24. The world is overflowing with examples that God clearly exists and is always active in our life.

25. Our worship of God should be exuberant, reverent, filled with great depth, and thought.

26. Our existence should lead us to worship God profusely.

27. Our countless blessing should lead us to sing praises to God.

28. Our individual conversions should lead us to rush to God's House and praise Him.

29. God is a Master Communicator and a Master Artist.

30. No one deserves Worship other than YHWH!!

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