• Dr. Don Laughlin


1. We should live the life of a servant for our Great God.

2. You and I can not serve Christ without humility.

3. We defend our faith by knowing our Position in Christ.

4. We defend our faith by developing a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

5. We defend our faith by knowing that we are loved by Christ.

6. Dr. Utley says, "Salvation is not simply a human choice; it is also a response to an invitation from God's Spirit."

7. We defend our faith by knowing the mercy and peace and love that comes only from the Father.

8. We defend our faith by knowing that we are kept for Jesus, kept in Jesus, and kept by Jesus.

9.  Jude 2-"May mercy, peace and love" is a summary of the whole book of Jude.


10. Scholars believe the Book of Jude is a combination of a sermon and a letter.

11. We have the responsibility to respond to God's love letter.

12. Believers should possess the ability to articulate our faith before other believers and non-believers.

13. A dynamic faith confronts the false teachers among us.

14. One scholar said, "Christianity is not only what we affirm, but how we live out these affirmations."

15.  False teachers are always a threat to Christianity.

16. The false teachers Jude confronted were doctrinally false and morally corrupt.

17. We must be able to recognize the false teachers among us.

18. We must be able to confront the false teachers among us.

19. Jude 20-23 is a list of expectations for the believers in Jesus Christ.

20.  Dr. Utley said, "Believers live/serve as if it all depends on them but rest knowing that it all depends on Him."

21. Jude 24-25 is a Doxology.

22. Believers live their faith, but also sing their faith.

23. "To Him who is able" is a wonderful title for God.

24. Developing a faith in God makes us sure-footed in unstable world.

25. One scholar said, "We are guarded by God so as to stand firm in faith.

26. In this text describes God's presence as a glorious shining.

27. We defend our faith by knowing God, knowing His Son, and knowing His word.

28. We defend our faith by keeping God's word.

29. We defend our faith by praising our Father.

30. False teachers are blinded by their own allusions.

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