• Dr. Don Laughlin


1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a precious gift from God.

2. We should cherish the Gospel and share the Gospel.

3. In 2 Cor. 4:7-5:10 Paul gives a moving testimony of how Jesus Christ transformed his life.

4. The church at Corinth did not experience persecution.

5. One scholar said, "This church was on the best of terms with its pagan environment."

6. Dr. James Moffatt said, "The Church was in the world, as it had to be, but the world was in the church, as it ought not to be."

7. God will always prove Himself to be faithful to us and will rescue His people.

8. This text asks us the following question: How do you reveal the Power of God in your life?

9. The "Jars of Clay" is a reference to Paul's weakness and suffering.

10. Paul demonstrates tremendous confidence in this powerful text. His confidence is based on the reality of God's glory in and through his life.

11. One tremendous writer said, "The power of the gospel is so great and its glory so profound that it must be carried in a jar, lest people put their trust in Paul himself." Please read 1 Cor. 2:1-5.

12. God's Holy Spirit enables us to stay true to our Great God during times of pain and suffering.

13. Paul is not overwhelmed by his pain and suffering because of God's sustaining power.

14. We should proclaim our gratitude toward God each and every day for His presence and sustaining power during times of pain and affliction.

15. Our perseverance can only be attributed to God!

16. Paul's suffering and our suffering provides a platform for the display of God's power.

17. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave sustains us during times of pain and suffering.

18. "In 4:11 Paul gives the theological basis for his conviction that his suffering, like the death of Jesus, mediates the resurrection power of God, that is, the life of Jesus."

19. Our pain and suffering should dramatically increase the quality and quantity of our prayer life.

20. Our temporal pain and suffering is nothing compared to who we will get to see in heaven. Of course, His Name is Jesus Christ!!!

21. Any believer who depends and trusts Jesus Christ will boldly proclaim their faith in Him during times of suffering.

22. We get to tell people how powerful our God is at all times.

23. Pain and suffering can lead us into the awesome presence of God.

24. We will "check out" during times of affliction unless we have a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

25. Many a life has been damaged during times of affliction because of a lack of faith in the one and only God.

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