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Updated: Jul 2, 2020

1. Dr. Bob Utley divides the first part of 1 Peter in the following way:

a. 1 Peter 1:1-2-The work of the Triune God in Salvation. 

b. 1 Peter 1:3-5-Describes God keeping and protecting this Salvation. 

c. 1 Peter 1:6-9-Describes these believers' suffering because of this Salvation.

2. The Holy Spirit was uniquely and personally involved in your salvation. 

3. We should always express our gratitude to God for our glorious and wonderful salvation. 

4. True Salvation in Jesus Christ expresses itself in  proper attitudes and actions. 

5.  The phrase "Keep sober in spirit" is not a call to sobriety, but a metaphor for mental alertness and lever headedness. 

6. The phrase "fix your hope completely" means a decisive choice to trust completely in Christ's return. "Our hope is based on the settled and sure character and actions of the Triune God. 

7. Believers are co-heirs through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

8. We are to allow the Holy Spirit to determine what we say and do. 

9. This text calls us to emphatically reject the pagan though process and actions. 

10. God's Holy Spirit calls us to holiness in no uncertain terms. 

11. Holiness in the Old Testament sense was not sinlessness, but a conformity to the covenant requirements which issue in Christlikeness. 

12. We are to live godly lives because we know we will give an account to God for the gift of life and the gospel. 

13. True believers express their hope in Christ by being grateful.  

14. True believers express their hope in Christ by living a godly life. 

15. True believers express their hope in Christ by rejecting the pagan's way of life. 

16. True believers know the price Christ paid for our Salvation. 

17. True believers constantly develop their life in Christ. 

18. True believers constantly read God's word. 

19. True believers constantly apply God's word to their life. 

20. We get to daily celebrate all that Christ has done for us!

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