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JOHN 16:19-22,27-33

1. Jesus knew people people's thoughts. It is difficult to know if this was His divine nature or His tremendous insights into people and human nature. I believe it is both.

2. "Amen" was an Old Testament term for "faith". Please see Hab. 2:4.

3. Victory comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

4. Victory come through obedience and submission.

5. One writer said, "Leadership means servanthood, rejection by the world and persecution like the Master."

6. One writer said, "Everything that Jesus promised this core group of disciples was fulfilled at Jesus' first post-resurrection appearance the first Sunday night after the resurrection in the upper room."

7. Jesus promises us that He will not leave us. John 14:18.

8. Jesus promises us that He will come to us. John 16:16.

9. Jesus promises us that He will give us peace. John 20:19.

10. Jesus promises us that He will give us His Spirit. John 20:22.

11. John 16:21 focuses on the attitude of the mother, before and after the birth of their child.

12. Understanding God's written word and His Holy Spirit requires discipline, repetition, and obedience.

13. John 16:26, according to Dr. Utley, reveals that the Bible teaches the following: a. The Spirit prays for believers (Rom. 8:26-27). b. The Son intercedes for Believers (1 John 2:1). c. Believers can approach God directly in prayer because of Jesus.

14. The disciples' faith was growing but still incomplete.

15. Following Jesus is definitely not easy.

16. Following Jesus requires abiding in God.

17. Following Jesus requires constant loyalty.

18. One writer said, "Our victory in Christ on this side of heaven can often be characterized as Muffled Triumph." Do you agree?

19. "Our peace in Jesus Christ is both objective and subjective peace and maintained in Christ." Dr. Utley

20. "In Revelation there is a theological distinction between "wrath" and persecution. God's wrath never fall on believers, but non-believers' anger falls on believers. The world reveals itself as the children of Satan by their attacks on the "light of the world." Various writers.

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