• Dr. Don Laughlin

JOHN 15:26-27; 16:7-15

1. The work of redemption involves the 3 persons of the Trinity.

2. The Holy Spirit's task is to witness to Jesus and His teachings.

3. The Holy Spirit is a great gift from the Father to all believers.

4. The Holy Spirit is a great gift to the entire world.

5. The Holy Spirit comforts and convicts.

6. The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, judgement and righteousness.

7. The coming of the Holy Spirit would open up a new era that would issue in an expanded ministry. Please read Eph. 2:11-3:13.

8. The Holy Spirit is the only one that can lead us to God.

9. The Holy Spirit is the only one who will tell us the truth about God.

10. The Holy Spirit is the only one who gives life.

11. We are to yield to the Holy Spirit.

12. We are to ask the Holy Spirit to fill us daily.

13. The Holy Spirit is an educator and a motivator.

14. The Holy Spirit comforts Christians. 16:7.

15. The Holy Spirit convicts the Lost. 16:8.

16. The Holy Spirit conveys the truth. 16:12-13.

17. The Gospels reflect a later, matured theology.

18. The Gospels were written years later for evangelistic purpose to certain audiences.

19. The Holy Spirit is the revealer of Jesus Christ.

20. The Holy Spirit reveals spiritual truth and the teachings of Jesus.

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