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JOHN 15:18-25; 16:1-4

1. Our association with Jesus Christ will lead to persecution and people hating us.

2. It is crucial that we realize that most of the world is organized against God.

3. It is crucial that we realize that most of the world function apart from God.

4. A good knowledge of New Testament truths will help us face the world's persecution.

5. Knowing God's written word and Incarnate World will greatly assist us as the world hates us and isolates us.

6. The word "persecuted" means to pursue as a wild animal.

7. Some of the world will respond in a positive way to the Lord's word.

8. Some of the world will respond in a negative way to the Lord's word.

9. It is extremely sad when someone does not know God.

10. The world will persecute us because we belong to Jesus.

11. The world persecuted Jesus when He was here on earth, therefore, they will persecute us.

12. The world will persecute us because they do not know God.

13. Truly knowing God changes our perception and the lenses we look through.

14. Jesus' entrance into the world drastically changed the world.

15. Jesus' entrance into the world was "an Invasion."

16. The world will continue to be opposed to Jesus unless they believe in Him and have a dynamic relationship with Him.

17. Dr. Bob Utley says, "The mystery of the Jewish rejection of Jesus in the face of such obvious revelation was attributed to will unbelief." Isa. 6:9-13

18. It is very important that we listen and respond in the affirmative to God's daily revelations.

19. Listening to and responding to God's written word keeps us from falling away.

20. Anyone who follows Christ needs to understand the positive and challenging consequences.

21. Any Jew who choose to follow Jesus was excommunicated from Judaism.

22. Following Christ has serious consequence in our culture.

23. A genuine Christian's value and ways are counter-culture.

24. Saul of Tarsus is a good example of the misguided truth in John 16:2b.

25. Not knowing God leads to many evil actions.

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