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GENESIS 45:1-11

1. Unresolved issued are quite emotional.

2. Joseph wept so loudly that everyone could hear him.

3. It is refreshing to see and hear a man that is not ashamed to show his emotions.

4. It was evident that Joseph loved his brothers.

5. A part of Joseph's emotions may of stemmed from the memory of the way how he handled his brothers years before.

6. Everyone left his presence other than his 11 brothers.

7. I imagine that not only did Joseph continue to express his emotions, but now the brothers were emotional due to the revelation that this man was their brother.

8. In Genesis 45:3b Joseph was asking not only was his father alive physically, but how was his father's well-being.

9. Joseph was extending great grace in Genesis 45:5.

10. Please remind yourself that our Great God extends grace to you after the confession of your great failures. What a God!!

11. Genesis 45:7 profoundly reveals that Joseph knew who he was and his God-given purpose.

12. God protected His Remnant through Joseph.

13. Genesis 45:8 demonstrates that Joseph had a threefold assignment in Egypt and they are as follows: a. He had a unique relationship with Pharaoh. b. He was lord of all his household. Manager of all Pharaoh's personal property. c. He was ruler over all the land of Egypt. This seems to express his relationship in governmental administration.

14. In Genesis 45:9 Joseph gives his brothers the following commands: a. hurry. b. go up. c. come down. d. do not delay.

15. The land of Goshen is located on the upper eastern side of the Nile, close to the land of Canaan. It is later called the land of the Rameses. It was the livestock-producing area of Egypt.

16. Genesis 45:10 is a beautiful illustration of forgiveness. Joseph still wanted to have his family around even after their great failures and his failures.

17. Joseph forgave himself and his family.

18. God and our confession of sin does amazing things in a family, church and a nation.

19. This chapter is emotional due to Joseph's emotions and his brother's emotions, but also the emotions surrounding our regrets, shame and failure.

20. Please do not give up on God.

21. Please do not give up on your family.

22. Please do not give up on you.

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