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GENESIS 39:20-41:49

1. Doing what is right does not always result in immediate and positive feedback.

2. God’s presence is not limited by time, place, or consequences.

3. In Genesis 39:2, the Hebrew word for Lord is “YHWH”. YHWH is rarely used in this section of Genesis. This is the only time the author uses it in the narrative concerning Joseph.

4. Even non-believers’ sense when a person possesses a divine quality. (39:6)

5. Joseph could have been put to death due to Potiphar’s wife’s accusation.

6. It is quite possible that Potiphar may have doubted his wife’s story.

7. God desires to use difficult circumstances to move us toward greater spiritual maturity and the fulfillment of His divine plan.

8. Joseph went from his master’s house to his master’s prison.

9. Following God does not guarantee a reversal in our position or personal finances.

10. God’s presence is His greatest gift to us.

11. God needs “spiritual leaders” at every level in society.

12. God’s presence developed an inner spiritual strength in Joseph.

13. The word “offended” in Genesis 40:1 means “to miss a goal, sin, go wrong.”

14. Some scholars believe Joseph was in jail for 10 years.

15. The word “imprisoned” means bound.

16. Our life in Christ requires great thought and dependance in God.

17. We will live life without direction and purpose unless we believe god is in control of all things. (40:8)

18. The word “dungeon” in Genesis 40:15 is the same word for “dry cistern” in Genesis 37:4. Dr. Bob Utley says, “Joseph traded one pit for another.”

19. Following God has always meant that we will encounter both struggles and joys.

20. It took Joseph many years and working through many challenges before he realized God was his only source.

21. Our lives should be a blessing to others.

22. We cannot be fully used by God unless we persevere through trials and major disappointments.

23. “It is interesting that the two Hebrew persons involved in interpreting dreams each worked for pagan beings: Daniel in Mesopotamia and Joseph in Egypt.” (Dr. Bob Utley)

24. God deeply desires to use us to reveal His plans and purposed for the entire world.

25. Joseph’s life was an adventure of extreme lows and highs.

26. We can depend on God even when we are surrounded by those who deny our God.

27. We are often tempted to move ahead of God when life does not meet our expectations.

28. Many people live well below God’s plans and promises.

29. Every life is filled with countless demonstrations of God’s grace.

30. God wants us to live life with purpose and joy.

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