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GENESIS 39:1-12

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

1. God often blesses His faithful servants on the backs of the pagans.

2. God is not limited to the Promised Land or America.

3. God is at work throughout the World.

4. It is interesting how God used Potiphar in Joseph's life and development.

5. God used Egypt in the development of His people.

6. "Genesis 39:2 is one of the rare occurrences of the term YHWH in this section of Genesis." Dr. Utley

7. Every believer in God and every leader of God's people need to know and realize that "the LORD is with them".

8. We can not accomplish what God wants and expects unless He is profoundly with us.

9. It is crucial to understand that God is the main character in this section, but also throughout the Bible.

10. It is a blessing and a responsibility to have the LORD with us and for us.

11. Joseph became a successful main due to God's powerful presence and anointing.

12. Anyone who spent time around Joseph was successful and prosperous.

13. Even Potiphar sensed the special blessing on Joseph.

14. It is quite important to spend time with people who God has anointed and blessed.

15. Joseph accomplished a great deal in his life because of God's profound presence.

16. Joseph was a tremendous witness for His Great God.

17. Dr. Utley comments on Genesis 39:5 by saying, "There is a connection between physical blessing and one's relationship to the covenant people. See Genesis 12:3; 30:27)

18. Potiphar completely trusted Joseph due to God's awesome presence in his life.

19. We must profoundly say "NO" to the temptations of life.

20. Joseph is a beautiful illustration of someone who said, "NO" to an extreme temptation.

21. Refusing to succumb to temptation continues God's blessings and affirmations.

22. Joseph did not use his good looks to manipulate people.

23. Joseph did not use his good look to yield to carnal opportunities.

24. Joseph did not use his position for anything evil.

25. Joseph respected his boss.

26. Joseph knew Potiphar's wife's offer was evil and anti-God.

27. Potiphar's wife kept tempting Joseph, but Joseph continued to say "NO".

28. Joseph's relationship with God was supreme to Joseph.

29. Potiphar's wife planned for her to be alone with Joseph, but Joseph ran away.

30. 1 Corinthians 10:13 is one of the best verses on temptation and God's presence with us during temptation. Please read and apply.

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