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GENESIS 13:5-11,14-18

1. Division is always easier to attain than Unity.

2. Greed often creates disunity in a family and an organization.

3. Wealth often leads to confusion and then division.

4. Wealth often leads to miscommunication and then anger and avoidance.

5. Wealth involves a great amount of responsibility.

6. Few people can truly handle wealth.

7. Wealth often leads to a lack of real integrity and a lack of true morality.

8. Wealth often leads us to less humility.

9. Abundance leads us to be more sure of our wealth than we are of our Great God's power and presence.

10. "Lot was Abraham's nephew, but Lot's father Haran died very early. And Lot was left as a n orphan. And so Abraham more or less adopted him." Dr. Chuck Smith

11. Prosperity often leads to a change in our personality and our countenance.

12. Pride escalates division, but humility and love brings great Unity.

13. Abraham wanted unity much more than he wanted abundance.

14. Love sees the need for unity.

15. Lot's choice was filled with greedy, but Abraham allowed love and kindness to rule.

16. Lot allowed his flesh to rule his choices.

17. Lot did not look to meet Abraham's needs.

18. Our choices have consequences.

19. One fleshly choice can lead us in a downward spiral, spiritually.

20. Our choices must be Holy Spirit lead.

21. God always blesses our Kindness and humility.

22. Lot was on a collision course with great evil and perversity.

23. God greatly blessed Abraham's choice to give Lot his choice of land.

24. God always blesses a sacrificial mindset and behavior.

25. A rabbi in the Middle Ages said, "The land Lot picked had trees like Eden and vegetables Egypt."

26. Dr. Bob Utley said, "The irony is that as Eden was a place of judgment, so too, the Jordan Valley!"

27. In Genesis 13:13, the population of Sodom is characterized in the following ways:

a. evil.

b. sinners.

c. against the Lord.

d. exceedingly wicked.

28. Some scholars have said, "Abraham moved by revelation and Lot by self-interest."

29. In Genesis 13:17 God commands Abram to check out his new gift.

a. "arise" or "go"-involves a very important command, indicating that the command and that the person should begin immediately to do the action commanded. b. "Walk about"-possibly a legal requirement for ownership of land.

30. Abram did not fail to worship God and sacrifice animals, which had become a characteristic of the worship of YHWH.

31. True unity is a by-product of love and humility.

32. True unity is paramount in the will of God.

33. True unity is a gift from God.

34. True unity is a by-product of sacrifice.

35. True unity requires submission to the Holy Spirit.

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