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EXODUS 20:7-11

1. You and I need to be extremely careful how we use God's Name and when He use His Name.  2. We need to refuse to use God's Name in a frivolous, light manner during our lives.  3. Please allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to understand that using the word "gosh" or "Oh God" is using His Name in a flippant manner.  4. One scholar says, "The name YHWH had unique and holy associations to Israel because it was through His name and acts that He revealed His character and purposes. It became so holy that in later Judaism it was not even pronounce except by the High Priest on Yom Kippur (Leviticus 16).  5. Let's make a commitment to our Great God that we only use His name in ways that Honor Him and enhance our worship experiences.  6. Let's teach our children and grandchildren the importance of following Exodus 20:7.  7. Exodus 20:7b should guide how we use God's name and also be a warning to those who are misusing His name. 8. The Sabbath is being abused by non-believers as well as, believers. 9. One scholar said, "The Sabbath, like "first fruits" or "first born," expressed the truth that all of life belongs to God. One special worship day out of seven has the same thrust!" 10. Exodus 20:8 is the first command which is in a positive form (also Exodus 20:12).  11. Exodus 20:8 is also the longest commandment.  12. This commandment is quite serious to God.  13. Dr. Utley says, "We keep Exodus 20:8b holy by doing what God said to do about. It was God's command that made it holy-set apart for His special use and purpose." 14. Are you abusing the Sabbath? Is God pleased with the way you handle His Sabbath? 15. The Sabbath is a sign of the covenant (Exodus 31:12-27).  16. Work is not a curse, but a blessing.  17. Labor did not come with the Fall. Adam was given the task of caring for the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:15). 18. The hard labor of humans is connected to the curse of the ground because of Adam's rebellion (Genesis 3:17-19).  19. One great scholar said, "Protestants need to be reminded that the Sabbath is a festival day-not only in the Old Testament context, but even more so in the Christian's observance of Sunday as a memorial of Resurrection Sunday!" 20. "Weekly worship is a practical aid in prompting personal relationship. I desperately need the Sabbath. Don't you?

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