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EXODUS 20:13; 1 SAMUEL 26:7-11,22-25

1. Life is more precious than anyone of us can imagine. 

2. God views every life as precious and important to what He wants to do in His world. 

3. "The Sixth Commandment not only prohibits the unlawful taking of human life but honors the sacredness of all innocent life including that of unborn children. The Law made provisions for self-protection, public executions and accidental death (Exodus 21:13-14). 

 4. Obeying all of the Ten Commandments are crucial to experiencing the fullness of life that God deeply desires for His Creation. 

5. A lack of forgiveness prevents all of us from knowing the true value of life. 

6. A lack of forgiveness prevents all of us from demonstrating the true value of life. 

7. "I am in this for me" is the current philosophy of the 21st Century. 

8. God's written word definitely demonstrate and reveals that my Neighbor has the right to life. (Deut. 5:17)

9. Our philosophy of life is more clearly demonstrated that any of us truly realize. 

10. "The Decalogue calls on the redeemed to respond to the grace they have experienced in salvation with covenant commitment, first to God, and then to others." (Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary)

11. Every life is clearly important to God, not just those who we deem important. 

12. The true value of other people's life begins in our heart and then is demonstrated by what our mind truly believes. 

13. Many of us are dismissive toward those that we don't like for some godless reason. 

14. David's actions toward Saul truly revealed how what he believed about life. 

15. David truly loved life and believed that others are extremely important to God 

16. Our judgmental attitudes will eventually demonstrate whether we truly value the lives of others. 

17. 1 Samuel 26:7 -"with his spear stuck in the ground at his head" was a sign of Saul's kingly position." (Dr. Utley)

18. Dr. Utley says, "The Israelites saw all occurrences as being influenced and directed by YHWH." 

19. Our neighbor's life is much more important to God than we want to admit. 

20. We often destroy others in our minds and then with our hands.

21. We often destroy others with our words and then with our hands. 

22. Jesus demonstrated His love for all mankind on the Cross. 

23. David definitely believed that Samuel would take care of Saul. 

24. God never gives us permission to deal with His creation. 

25. Despite what our "little minds can create", God loves those we hate or are dismissive toward.

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