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1 PETER 4:1-2; 12-19

1. 1 Peter emphasizes our Savior's suffering and the reality of His follower's suffering because they are following Him. 

2. It should amaze us that our Savior willingly suffered for us. 

3. What a Wonderful Savior we have!

4. The word "arm" in verse one is a military term for putting on heavy armor and preparing for battle. 

5. It is crucial that we daily remind ourselves that we are engaged in a battle. 

6. Dr. Utley says, "Jesus' attitude toward suffering, including innocent suffering, is that it is normative for the godly in a spiritually fallen world." 

7. Many scholars have said, "Death to the old life brings potential service to God." Please read Romans 6:12

8. Anyone who truly follows Christ will experience various levels and kinds of suffering.  

9. Our salvation in Christ is a new life, a new creation. 

10. We are to dynamically live for God, not the world. 

11. Peter loved his audience. He refers to them as "Beloved". Just as the Father referred to His Son as Beloved. 

12. Every believer should be prepared for trials, tests, and persecution. 

13. The challenges of following Christ always surprise us at some point in our life. 

14. One scholar said, "The believers during the Apostle Peter's time needed to know the following about the trials of following Christ: a. It was not unusual for believers. b. It was not a result of sin. c. It had a purpose in God's will. 

15. The trials and persecution of the Christian life produce Christlikeness. Please read Hebrews 5:8. 

16. The writer's readers are often amazed that suffering for Christ is linked to Joy. 

17. The phrase in 1 Peter 4:13, "Keep on Rejoicing" is an imperative.

18. True believers live for Christ, not themselves. 

19. One of these days our Savior will return for those who truly follow Him. 

20. Peter strongly encourages us to not be ashamed whenever we suffer for His sake. 

21. Anyone who truly follows Christ "will" be reproached or reviled by non-believers and or the culture. 

22. Dynamic believers live a radically different life than pagans. 

23. You and I will be judged by God at the time of His appearing, for the way we "Walked" spiritually. 

24. The non-Christian world is going to be shocked by what will occur whenever Jesus returns the Second time. 

25. I Peter 4:15 is an imperative and means that we are to stop an act that is already in process. 

26. We are to suffer for all the right reasons, not for things like murder, stealing, evil, or being a troublesome meddler. 

27. The lost will suffer beyond belief on the Day of Christ's return. 

28. It is important that we remind ourselves that Peter had once been ashamed to suffer reproach or even a sneer for being a disciple of Jesus Christ. (Adapted from Dr. A.T. Robertson)

29. Consider the following statement: "It is a privilege and joy to suffer for the Cause of Christ". Do you agree or disagree. 

30. I have been entrusted by God to pass the Gospel to the World. So have you!

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