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1 KINGS 19:1-5a;11-18

1. Ministry is not for the weak or cowards.

2. Satan loves to discourage Yahweh's ministers and prophets.

3. God's ministers are often enigmas.

4. Elijah's ministry had ups and downs.

5. Ministers often gravitate from hope to desperation.

6. Fear must be dispelled by developing a relationship with Yahweh.

7. Ministry requires courage, faith, honesty and introspection.

8. Elijah interprets Jezebel's personal attacks on him as the end of his ministry.

9. God's enemies will always attack His prophets, ministers, and representatives.

10. Elijah's name means "Yahweh is my God."

11. Jezebel's name means "Where is the prince?"

12. Characteristics of Depression include the following: worn out, sleeping a lot, complaining, suicidal, told to eat, view of reality is distorted, and feel alone.

13. God's enemies will always challenge truth and His representatives.

14. Elijah was frighten of Jezebel.

15. "Self Talk" can either be negative or positive.

16. Elijah led himself into a "dark room" and camped out there for awhile.

17. Dynamic ministry affects mind, body and spirit.

18. Elijah was at the end of his rope.

19. Dealing with Ahab and Jezebel eventually lead Elijah to say, "I have had enough."

20. God always takes care of His children and representatives.

21. God attacks discouragement in His children with His awesome presence and power.

22. God knows what the depressed and discouraged need.

23. God's presence is designed to stir us, comfort us, challenge us, move us, and lead us to dynamic worship.

24. Everyone needs a daily encounter with God. We often need a minute by minute encounter with the Great "I Am."

25. God had to correct and update Elijah's theology.

26. Many of us only look for God in the dramatic and don't listen to His Whispers.

27. We often read the culture and our problems with eyes of unbelief, rather than Great Faith in a Great God.

28. God's ministry includes healing, but also great responsibility.

29. God gives Elijah a new ministry and new list of jobs.

30. God gives the discouraged a friend and a successors.

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