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1 KINGS 18:20-26;31-39

1. This awesome text jampacked with meaning and application.

2. This text requires time, contemplation and direction from the Holy Spirit.

3. Mount Carmel is an imposing range which extends from the western coast of Palestine, at the bay of Acre, for many miles eastward, to the central hills of Samaria.

4. The spot where the contest took place is situated at the eastern extremity, which is also the highest point of the whole ridge. It is called "the Burning," or "the Burnt Place."

5. Scholars say, "No spot could have been better adapted for the thousands of Israel to have stood drawn up on those gentle slopes. The rock shoots up in an almost perpendicular wall of more than two hundred feet in height, on the side of the vale of Esdraelon. This wall made it visible over the whole plain, and from all the surrounding heights, where gazing multitudes would be stationed."

6. The people of Elijah's day were attempting to conjoin the service of God with that of Baal.

7. This attempt to bring the union of Baal and Yahweh was impracticable and spiritually and impossible.

8. Attempting to bring about the union of any god and the Only God will bring on disaster and hopelessness.

9. One scholar says, "Elijah proposed to decide for them the controversy between God and Baal by an appeal, not to the authority of the law, for that would have no weight, but by a visible token from Heaven. As fire was the element over which Baal was supposed to preside, Elijah proposed that two Bullocks should be slain and placed on separate altars of wood, the one for Baal, and the other for God. On whichever the fire should descend to consume it, the event should determine the true God, whom it was their duty to serve."

10. The proposal seemed reasonable to the people and was received with unanimous approval.

11. Of course, Baal could not and did not respond to the competition.

12. Of course, our Great God responded and totally consumed not only the sacrifice, but the very stones of the altar.

13. The people responded with admiration mingled with awe; and with one voice they acknowledged the supremacy of Jehovah as the true God.

14. Our worship and actions should profoundly demonstrate that Yahweh is our one and only God.

15. Worshipping false gods severely weakens our testimony before a pagan world.

16. Everyday we must throw the false gods into the trash and completely burn them to ashes.

17. The pagan culture will challenge our Great God through us.

18. If we choose to follow Yahweh, we must be prepared for many battles.

19. It is impossible to worship the false gods and then seek to worship God.

20. Our Great God is a jealous God.

21. The text clearly reveals that Baal and all of his prophets had the advantage and upper hand.

22. Baal had 450 men plus 400 in the wings.

23. Our Great God had but one man who was an exile.

24. True believers will always be in the minority.

25. The full throttle commitment of our Great God is a real rarity.

26. This text clearly reveals that our Great God is the antithesis of everyone of the false gods.

27. Worshipping false gods will eventually leave a deathly taste in our mouths and begin destroying our heart and spirit.

28. False gods are always deaf to us.

29. Our Great God always hears us and loves to commune with us.

30. Our Great God won the battle with the false god and the deceitful Satan.

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