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1 KINGS 17:7-16

1. God created everything therefore, He has dominion and control over everything. 2. A dried up brook is not overwhelming to our Great God. 3. Our vicious enemies are not overwhelming to our Great God. 4. A brook is a rain-fed streambed that is empty in dry seasons. 5. Widows in Israel were often poor, surviving mainly on food distributed from local food-tithe donations. Please read Deut. 14:28-29 6. 1 Kings 17:12 reveals that she was definitely poor. 7. It is quite revealing and awe-inspiring how our Great God uses the unexpected to minister to us or speak the needed word. 8. This special lady is down to her very "last meal". 9. Our Great God is quite bold in asking her to give food to His prophet. 10. God often waits until the very last moment to respond so that He will receive the glory. 11. 1 Kings 17:13 reveals that God is testing this poor widow's trust in Elijah as a reliable prophet and affirms his confidence that Yahweh will provide wheat he has promised. (v.9) (The Biblical Theology Study Bible) 12. This challenging text is stretching us and demanding that we have greater trust in our Great God. 13. We often place more trust in our politicians than we do Yahweh. 14. We often place more trust in ourselves than we do Yahweh. 15. We often place more trust in our wit and natural ability than we do our Great God. 16. This widow most definitely challenges our faith and our faithlessness. 17. This widow was obedient to God and the prophet. 18. Our Great God, not Baal, provided the food for Elijah and the widow, without rainfall. 19. This text and this widow brings great conviction to our theology and belief system. 20. This text and widow brings great questions to our heart and spirit. 21. Do believe that our Great God is "The LORD of Impossibilities"? 22. Do you believe that "All things are possible with our Great God"? 23. Do you believe that our Great God should be our "Good Shepherd"? 24. Do you throw in the "Towel" or start "Waving the White Flag" prematurely? 25. Do you see the "Great Potential for faith" that God has created in you?

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