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1 KINGS 17:17-24

1. Our Great God is never limited by a crisis or a series of life-altering events.

2. Life will always present problems and crises.

3. Our Great God is always present at every life-altering event.

4. Our Great LORD is truly the LORD of Life.

5. We often misinterpret the crises of life.

6. Blaming God and others does not change what is occurring in our life.

7. Every crisis requires faith and reaching out to God.

8. Our faith must never be left in a drawer.

9. Life requires faith 24/7.

10. We can either become a victim or a victor.

11. This widow believed she had lost her only Hope for the future.

12. Our Hope is never a human being, but our Great Savior.

13. Our Hope is never our possessions, but the Person of Jesus Christ.

14. This widow directly blamed herself, but indirectly blamed Elijah.

15. A crisis reveals that God is ready to respond and meet our needs according to His will.

16. This widow clutched the dead child in her arms.

17. God never abandons us during a crisis or a loss.

18. Elijah laid this tragedy on God and asked Him to remedy it.

19. We need to model Elijah's behavior during this crisis.

20. Scholar correctly observe that Elijah's technique did not bring the miracle of God, but due to faith that God answered his prayer.

21. Elijah's prayer was filled with powerful argument. Please re-read verses 21-24.

22. Our Great God raised this boy and provided for this widow at every level.

23. Life demands that we place our faith in our Great God.

24. Our culture places their faith in themselves or what they possess.

25. The world's dependence on self and what they own is a recipe for bitterness and hopelessness.

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