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1 JOHN 4:7-13; 19-21

1. Anyone who is unsure of God's Unconditional love will live a life of anxiety and futility.

2. God's love always leads and liberates.

3. Personally knowing God's love brings order to chaos.

4. God's love opens our hearts to His will and way.

5. God's love starts the transformation process of the mind and will.

6. God's love, grace, and forgiveness enables us to rebuild after sin and failure.

7. One scholar says, "Love is the test of our being born of God."

8. Someone has said, "Love flows from a sense of God's love to us."

9. John's words are carefully and tenderly chosen.

10. John's words echo God's unconditional love for him.

11. One writer beautifully said, "All love is from God as its fountain, especially that embodiment of love, God manifest in the flesh."

12. God's most eloquent form of communication is the Cross of Jesus Christ.

13. It is an absolute privilege to know and experience God's love personally and profoundly.

14. Any memory or thought of Jesus' Cross should lead us to gratitude.

15. Personally experiencing God's love will lead us to love our enemies.

16. God's love for us lead Him to send Jesus Christ to the world.

17. 1 John 4:11 is revealing that God's love to us is the grand motive for our love to one another. Please read 1 John 3:16.

18. We are verifying that God dwells in us whenever we love one another profoundly.

19. It is evident that we love God whenever we love one another.

20. We should often contemplate the following truth: That God was the first to love us.

21. We cannot say we love God unless we also love His children.

22. One scholar says, "He who loves, will do what the object of his love wishes."

23. C.S. Lewis said, "Love is that which forgives the most, condones least."

24. Love is evidence of our Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

25. C.S. Lewis also said, "All human life is being poured out in self-concerned or service."

26. John was astonished by God's Love. Are we?

27. One of the evidence of passing from death into life is that we love one another.

28. Our lifestyle clearly reveals whether we are a Christian or a non-Christian.

29. A lifestyle of love demonstrates that we are imitating God.

30. One of the awesome benefits of knowing God's love is that the fear of eternal judgment is gone.

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