• Dr. Don Laughlin

1 CORINTHIANS 12:12-24

1. Every church has the God-given responsibility to be unified even in the midst of great diversity.

2. Anytime a church focuses on one person or one group instead of the entire church family, there will be major problems.

3. Dr. Utley says, "The Spirit is the means by which God convicts people of sin, draws them to Christ, baptizes them into Christ, and forms Christ in them."

4. Show me a church that minimizes the importance of the Holy Spirit and I will show you a divided and carnal family.

5. "Water baptism is imagery of a previous spiritual experience that occurred at conversion." Dr. Utley

6. "This baptism refers to initial salvation, which incorporates believers into the body of Christ, the Church." Dr. Utley

7. The Holy Spirit expects all of us to develop a spirit of unity in the Family of Faith.

8. There is a tremendous truth that says, "There are no more worldly human distinctions and barriers between those who trust Christ."

9. Our relationship with Christ should lead us to assert that there is equality among all believers.

10. The phrase "we were all made to drink of one spirit" probably refers to the Holy Spirit. It is a metaphor of unity and community brought about by one agent, the Spirit.

11. Every believer has a divine responsibility to promote unity in their biological and spiritual family.

12. God needs healthy spiritual family members.

13. Every spiritual family member is important to the Body of Christ.

14. God is not pleased with spiritual family members who soak rather than serve other family members.

15. We need to resist over evaluating the importance of our position and spiritual gifts in the Body of Christ.

16. Every spiritual gift is needed in the family of faith.

17. God brings each of us to a particular church family so that we might serve God and others.

18. God wants us to use every single spiritual gift we have for the glory of God.

19. Pride in the spiritual family will cause great conflict and eventually, death.

20. Serving the Lord and His Family of Faith is a great responsibility and leads to great joy.

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