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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

1. Psalm 103 is a Masterpiece.

2. Psalm 103 is a Meditation on God and Mankind.

3. Psalm 103 is Music to our Hears and Heart.

4. Do you Personally know the Truth and Power of Ps. 103?

1. The Church should be the Most Positive Institution in the World.

2. If we believe Ps. 103 we are going to be Optimistic in the LORD.

3. Christ-Centered Church do not allow their problems and challenges to define them.



A. Why can we be Eternally Optimistic?

1. Because our Great God's Nature is Oriented toward Mercy and Grace.

-Let's Celebrate that our Great God is NOT easily Upset.

-Let's Celebrate that when our Great God is Upset His Mercy Abounds. -"The righteous anger of God must blaze against sin and every form of unrighteousness, but there are mercy and compassion present in such abundant quantities that the sinner can always know that he is in the hands of one whose heart of love." Dr. Yates

2. Because our Great God is Eternally Good.

-Let's Celebrate that God has given of Himself through Moses.

-Let's Celebrate that has given us the First Five Books of the Old Testament.

-Let's Celebrate that God acts as Only God can Act.

-Let's Celebrate that in every Emergency and Crisis in World History our Great God has proved to be Adequate, just, dependable, -and unbiased.

-Let's Celebrate that our Great God never lacks for power or fails to execute

His Divine will.

3. Because our Great God's Forgiving Love. (Ps. 103:11-14)

-Let's Celebrate that Forgiveness and Cleansing are inseparably united.

-Let's Celebrate that God's Forgiving Love makes forgiveness and cleansing

both possible.

-Let's Celebrate that Hosea, Jeremiah and David learned the Great Truths of God's Love Letter during the darkest hours of grief and loneliness and suffering.

-Let's Celebrate that WE can learn all the Great Truths of God's Love Letter firsthand also.

-Let's Celebrate that just as David experienced God as a Compassionate

Father, so can we. He demonstrates great pity toward us!

4. Because Our Great God's Mercy Endures. (Ps. 103:15-18)

-Let's Celebrate that God's Amazing Grace Addresses every Sin we commit.

-Let's Celebrate that even though people pass away, God's Covenant faithfulness endures.

-Let's Celebrate that our Faith finds security on the Solid Rock.

-Let's Celebrate that our Children and Grandchildren can be Safe in His Keeping.

5. Because our Great God Invites Us and the Whole World to Praise Him.

-Let's Invite the Whole World to join us in Praise of our Great God.

-Let's join Angels and Ministers in praise of God.

-Let's join the Powerful Blast of praise that will go up from every inch of space, from the throats of all angels, messengers and human beings!!

-Let's join the Angels as they Burst forth in Unanimous Praise and Thanksgiving!

-Let's Sing a New Song to our Savior!

-Let's use words in our Universal Praise of God that has never been Voiced!

B. When should we be Optimistic?

1. Everyday of our Life.

2. Everyday we want to Give Up.

3. Everyday we are Attacked by Self, Satan, and Society.

4. Everyday we are Sick and Suffering.

5. Everyday our Flesh is Weak.

6. Everyday our World is Falling Apart.

APPLICATION 1. Do you know Jesus Personally?

2. Are you a Optimistic Person or a Pessimistic Person?

3. Do you know the Joy of Being "In Christ"?

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