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1. Romans is an "Emancipation Letter".

2. Romans is the most "Theological" of Paul's letters.

3. Romans was written on Paul's "Third" Missionary Journey.

4. Paul wrote this letter from Corinth.

5. The Gospel is for Everyone.

6. Romans reminds us of our sin and God's Grace.

7. Justification is God's greatest "Amnesty Program".

8. Christianity is a relationship with Christ that issues "Christ-like Living".

9. The purpose of the "Law" was to show us our need for God's Grace.

10. Romans 3:21-31 gives us a "Synopsis" of the Gospel.

11. Paul exhorts his readers to dedicate themselves to Christ.

12. God yearns for us to be released from Spiritual Exile.

13. Romans 3:2-25 is the Gospel in a "Nutshell".

14. We are totally Hopeless without Christ.

15. "Romans 3:23 presents a Panoramic view of the human race as doing nothing except committing sin." Author Unknown

16. Grace is the Antithesis of the Law and works.

17. Someone has said, "Grace is a favor done by the spontaneous generosity of the heart without any expectations of return." WHAT A SAVIOR!!!

18. Anyone who read Romans and allows the Holy Spirit to touch their heart, will be changed.

19. Romans does not present "Sin" as the "Main Event", but God who is Merciful and Righteous.

20. Romans 1:18-3:20 outlines the depth of the human condition and the inability of man to free himself.

21. Inner peace is out of reach unless we have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

22. Dr. Utley says, "Paul uniquely knew the inability of religious  enthusiasm and meticulous performance to provide inner peace."

23. We should thank God for the word  "All" in Romans 3:22 and the word "gift" in Romans 3:24. Various Scholars

24. Anyone who tries to "Work" for their Salvation will experience "Total Exhaustion" and end up "Empty Handed" at the end of their physical life. Plus they will end up in Hell and not Heaven.

25. Dr. Utley says, "In Romans 3:21 Paul is contrasting the Old Covenant with the New Covenant, the old age of rebellion with the new age of righteousness."

26. The phrase "The Righteous of God" does not necessarily refer to God's character, but God's way of imparting forgiveness and acceptance to sinful people."

27. Romans 3:22 shows the main aspect of God's justification. "Through faith in Jesus Christ."

28. "It is the righteousness of God made operative in one's life by God's free gift through Jesus Christ, which must be accepted by faith/belief/trust and lived out in daily life." Dr. Utley

29. God chose believers not only to salvation(justification), but also to sanctification.

30. Do you know anyone who is without a relationship with Jesus Christ? Please tell them about Jesus.

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