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1. Paul's name in Koine Greek means "small.”

2. Paul was completely sure of his divine call.

3. Paul's calling was directly from the Lord.

4. Our Great God uses people who know who they are in Christ.

5. Serving God requires profound humility.

6. The word "servant" is a title of honor. Only Moses, Joshua, David, and Paul had this tremendous title.

7. The book of Romans has the tremendous potential to transform individual lives as well as the Church.

8. God sets every believer apart for a specific spiritual purpose.

9. Paul knew he was sent as an official representative of Christ.

10. Knowing our spiritual purpose frees us to live a life of significance for Christ.

11. Our whole life should be consecrated for God's glory.

12. The Old Testament points forward to the coming of Christ.

13. The first prophecy of Christ's first coming is found in Genesis 3:15.

14. Every believer is called to share the Gospel with people who do not know Jesus.

15. The Gospel was not an afterthought for God.

16. It is a joy to realize that Jesus is the very center of the Gospel, and the promises are all concerning Him.

17. Christ's human body was a descendant of David, his mother being of David's lineage.

18. Christ's body was descended from David, but the pure, holy life was demonstrated to be divine. (Various scholars)

19. Paul realizes in a profound way that he was given grace and called to be an apostle so that the world would know Jesus Christ.

20. Paul knew that he was to be obedient to the Gospel.

21. "Faith is regarded as an act of obedience, of commitment to the gospel of Christ." Dr. Murray

22. We received grace because of Jesus Christ.

23. We received grace so that others might experience the grace of Jesus Christ.

24. It is paramount that we get the gospel to the entire world.

25. Belonging to Christ has privileges and responsibilities.

26. We often want the privileges of knowing Christ, but not the responsibilities.

27. The church at Rome was made up of a few Jews, but mostly of Gentiles.

28. During Paul's time Rome was the capital of the world, the home of Nero, the emperor; the largest city on earth. (Around 2 million)

29. All Christians were called saints by the New Testament writers. Anyone consecrated to a holy life is a saint.

30. We should desire that everyone experience God's grace and peace.

31. We should work toward everyone knowing and loving Christ.

32. The church at Rome was one more example of fruit-bearing. Somebody told them about Jesus. Somebody told you about Jesus.

33. "The term "beloved" is a favorite one with the apostle to express the love that binds him to his brethren." Dr. Murray

34. We are to be tender with one another in the church.

35. We are bonded to one another in Christ.

36. The intent of our calling is consecration.

37. The effect of our calling is to be consecration.

38. Dr. F.F. Bruce said, "The grace of God is His free love and unmerited favor to men, imparted through Christ; the peace of God is the well-being which they enjoy through His grace."

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