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1. Dr. Utley says, "This is a crucial text for the New Testament understanding of the ministry and identification of Jesus as YHWH's Suffering Servant.

2. The speaker in 53:1 is difficult to determine. Scholars believe it was either the faithful Jewish remnant or the prophets.

3. Very few people in Isaiah's day or Jesus' day understood the concept of a suffering servant.

4. We should believe the message of the Suffering Servant and also thank God for His Son's substitutionary death on our behalf.

5. Our Savior suffered for our sins and our salvation.

6. "Griefs" literally means "sickness". Please read Mark 10:45; 2 Cor.75:21.

7. Someone has said, "People that have to be coerced are not aware of the Immensity  of God's Grace.

8. Isaiah reveals that God is always ready to forgive, but asks us if we are ready to repent.

9. Our Suffering Servant is absolutely blameless, but we are totally blameless due to our sin.

10. One scholar said, "Only those who through faith and repentance  make his sacrifice their own and confess that he was wounded for their transgressions and bruised for their iniquities receive forgiveness.

11. There were no words of accusation or self-pity that left the lips of our Savior.

12. Our sin cost our Heavenly Father dearly.

13. It was God's plan to sacrifice His Son for our sin.

14. One scholar says, "The fourth Servant song comes to a climax on the note of the servant's continuing ministry of intercession on behalf of transgressors (You and I)."

15. May you and I express our gratitude to God for sending His Son to the Cross for us!!

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