• Dr. Don Laughlin


1. We are living in a graceless age, therefore we need to extend grace to one another in record pace. 

2. Peter is summarizing his discussion on submission.  3. Peter is addressing the entire community of faith. 

4. All of us always need grace, but especially during time of persecution, trials, and suffering. 

5. Dr. Utley says, "Brotherly means "show family love for all believers".

6. Do we demonstrate family love for our enemies and people that annoy us?

7. We are to generate good feelings towards one another in church.

8. Humility is a necessary virtue in any "Family of Faith". 

9. Humility is the opposite of self-assertion and egocentric pride. (Adapted from Dr. Utley)

10. Any family, church or country that returns evil for evil will eventually destroy themselves. 

11. All of these virtues require maturity and a dynamic prayer life. 

12. The Bible reminds us that a "gentle answer turns away wrath." (Proverbs 15:1)

13. Jesus is our perfect example for all of these admonitions. 

14. God's people are to speak well of one another. Does this convict you?

15. A Christian counselor about 35 years ago said, "Our words either heal or hurt."

16. A unifiepd family and church requires a great deal of work and submitting to the Holy Spirit. 

17. Our mouth and tongue must be given to the Holy Spirit. 

18. 1 Peter 3:10-12 is a quote from Psalm 34. 

19. Any one who spends a great amount of time "Praising the LORD" will fulfill the imperatives in 1 Peter 3:8-17.

20. There are 3 imperatives in 1 Peter 3:10-12 and they are as follows: a. Must keep his tongue from evil. b. Must turn away from evil. c. Must seek peace and pursue it. 

21. Dr. Utley says, "The reasons for believers' action are given in 1 Peter 3:12: a. The Lord takes personal notice toward the righteous. b. The Lord hears the righteous. c. The Lord is personal against the wicked. 

22. It is crucial that you and I remind ourselves that our Citizenship is Heaven, not this world. 

23. Are we living godly lives? 

24. Does our life demonstrate a Christ-like witness?

25. Are we living a life that demonstrates that we have been set apart for God?

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